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"The greatest parade in American history has finally come to an end. The Grand Army of the Repuplic has marched off to join the shadows and no matter how long the Nation exists there will never be anything quite like it again." - Life Magazine 1956

1891 Detroit Encampment

There were six National Encampments of the Grand Army of the Republic hosted by the Department of Michigan: 1891 and 1914 were hosted in Detroit, while Grand Rapids hosted the remaining four in 1925, 1927, 1935 and 1948. Two Grand Army of the Republic Commanders-in-Chief were elected from the Department of Michigan; BVT MG Russell Alexander Alger in 1889, and Washington Gardner in 1914.

Comrades at the 1927 National Encampment

Russell Alexander Alger, PC-in-C

Washington Gardner, PC-in-C