Special Projects
That The LeValley-Heusted Camp Is Involved In.

The LeValley-Heusted Camp is currently partnering with Watertown Township (Tuscola County) to update burial records for the Watertown Township Cemetery. In conjunction with the National Graves Registration Project and the Camp's search for uncommemorated veterans, the Camp undertook the complete resurveying and reinventorying of burials in the North Unit of the cemetery during the fall of 2007. This data is currently being evaluated and formatted. It will be available to the township in mid 2009. In this project the resting places no less than 5 Civil War veterans and one veteran of the War of 1812 who were previously un-marked were located. Nearly 40 veterans of the War Between The States are now at rest in this cemetery, located on Millington Road, just east of Fostoria Road. Follow up research revealed that at least 61 Watertown men answered the call to preserve the nation from 1861-65. Efforts to locate the gravesites of all Watertown Civil War veterans, whether in Watertown Cemetery or elsewhere, are now underway.

In similar projects, surveys to located unmarked veterans in Rich Township Cemetery (Lapeer County) and Fremont Township Cemetery (Tuscola County) are planned for the near future. Such projects also seek to recognize veterans who's graves may be marked but who are not designated as having served in America's armed forces. Other graves registration projects are planned for further into the future

There are a number of monuments and memorials in Tuscola County which were erected by the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). The Brothers of the LeValley-Heusted Camp are currently locating, surveying, and appraising the condition of these monuments. As descendants and legal heirs to the GAR, we are charged with repairs and general upkeep of these monuments. As the needs come into focus and funding and manpower becomes available the Brothers of Camp #255 will be at the forefront in restoration efforts