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Dept Michigan

U. S. Grant Camp No. 67
Saginaw, Bay City and Midland , Michigan



Quarterly Business Meetings 3rd Wednesday of the Month in January, April, July, October at the Stein Haus, 1108 N. Water, Bay City, Michigan. Other meetings and activities as scheduled.


Paul Davis, PCC

535 Mayflower Drive

Saginaw, MI 48638


Commander: Len McInerney
Senior Vice Commander: Ken Martin, PCC
Junior Vice Commander: Charles Buckhahn
Secretary: Jack Frost
Treasurer: Keith Markstrom
Chaplain: Rev. Charles Buckhahn
Graves Registration Officer: James Petrimoulx
Historian: Robert Boquette
Patriotic Instructor: Robert Boquette
Guard: Jonathan McInerney
Color Bearer:

Len McInerney

Eagle Scout Coordinator: TBD
Members of the Council: DC Don Shaw

William Morris, PCC


Rev. Charles Buckhahn


NEW! - "Although having 501(c) (4) Tax Exempt Status. “Donations to the Department of Michigan - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, its Camps, or Sons of Veterans Reserve Units operating within the Department of Michigan, Are Not Tax Deductible.”

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