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Dept Michigan
Applying for Membership

Before you apply...

  • Make sure you read and understand our eligibility requirements.
  • If you are making application for Member or Junior, try to have the correct documentation that shows your ancestor's proof of service. If you do not have documentation available, you may still join as an Associate and change your status once you have complete documentation.
  • Applications are not complete until the appropriate fees and documentation are supplied.

There are a couple ways win which you can apply...

  1. Visit a local camp and get to know them. Somebody at the camp will be able to assist you with filling out an application.
  2. Fill out the Standard Membership Application Form #3 and send it to the Junior Vice Commander of camp near you, or to the Department of Michigan's Junior-Vice Commander:

    Robert R Payne
    Department Junior Vice Commander
    Department of Michigan
    3940 Keller Rd..
    Holt, MI 48842
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