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Ceremonies & Rituals

Welcome to the Ceremonies and Services page. The purpose of this page is to provide suggestions, assistance and alternatives for the various observances, ceremonies and ritualistic work in which a Camp may be engaged. All of these files are in PDF format and can be downloaded by right clicking on the link and selecting the Save As option from the drop down menu.

Memorial Day

Remembrance Day

Ceremonies & Services

Ritual Ceremonies

National Holidays

"Heritage of the Grand Army of the Republic"

"The Grand Army of the Republic is a unique organization. No child can be born into it. No proclamation of President, edict of King or Czar can command admission. No university or institution of learning can issue a diploma authorizing its holder to entrance. No act of Parliament or Congress secures recognition. The wealth of a Vanderbilt cannot purchase position. Its doors open only on the presentation of a bit of parchment, worn, torn, and begrimed as it may be, which certifies to an honorable discharge from the armies or navies of the Nation during the war against the rebellion, and, unlike any other organization, no new blood can come in. There are no growing ranks from which recruits can be drawn into the Grand Army of the Republic. With the consummation of peace through victory its ranks were closed forever; its lines are steadily growing thinner, and the ceaseless tramp of its columns is with ever-lessening tread. The gaps in the picket lines grow wider every day. Details are made for the reserve summoned into the shadowy regions until by and by only a solitary sentinel will stand guard, waiting until the bugle call from beyond shall muster out the last Comrade of the Grand Army

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