GAR Records
David Becker Post #25
Ogden Center, Lenawee County, Michigan

Organized August 20, 1881

There is no conclusive indication regarding the identity of the David Becker for whom this Post was named. C. V. R. Pond, then serving as Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, was the Mustering Officer for this Post and indicated in his written report that the Post would be choosing a name to be forwarded later. It is possible that the name chosen was the David Becker who enlisted, at age 44, as Sergeant in Company F, 67th Ohio Infantry on October 29, 1861. He was killed in Kernstown, VA on March 23, 1862. Two of the members, Adam Stetten, a Charter Member, and George Rohrback, reported on the December 31, 1881 Quarterly Report, served as Privates in Company F, 67th Ohio Infantry. Both men, born in Germany, were with Company F at the time of Sergeant Becker’s death and may have influenced this decision.

The Post was mustered with 24 Charter Members

The first Post Commander was John F. Wotring who served as Captain of Company E, 6th West Virginia Cavalry. He died on September 6, 1919.

One of the Charter Members, Addison J. Hodges, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service at Vicksburg, Miss. on May 3, 1863. He served as a Corporal in Company B, 47th Ohio Infantry. The Medal was awarded December 17, 1907. The Company was made up of Michigan men, raised at Adrian, and invited to join the 47th Ohio Infantry as it was being organized. Although Hodges was a Michigan man, the Medal is listed in the count credited to Ohio. He served as Post Commander in 1883, 1884 and 1886. He Transferred to Post 45 in 1914.

The Post met first at Robertson Hall in Ogden. In 1883 they are meeting at Stevens Hall, 1884 at Fry’s Hall and in 1885 it is listed as J. H. Fry’s Hall on Main Street. In 1908 the designation is G.A.R. Hall on Main Street.

A number of notes appear on the Report forms. The June 30, 1883 Report;

"N. R. Newton (dropped) for non payment of dues. Please notify all Posts in the Department in N. R. Newton case, he is a dead beet."
Report of March 31, 1887, new Member;
"Joel S. Berry, Flint, from Post 311 – Surrender of Charter"
Report of June 30, 1887;
Concerning a "Transfer Card ishewd [sic] by Post 311 of Jasper."

The last Post Commander was Avery S. Beardsley who served as a Private in Company G, 19 Ohio Infantry from April 27, 1861 to August 31, 1861. He served as Post Commander from 1920 through 1930. No officer rosters were reported after 1930. He had served previously as Commander in 1900. He was originally a Member of Post 45, joining there in 1890. There is no record of a Transfer, but he is reported enrolled in Post 25 on December 31, 1897. He served as Sergeant Major from 1905 to 1911, as the Post Adjutant from 1912 to 1919. An article, including a picture, reporting the celebration of his 96th birthday and noting that he had been a notary public and justice of the peace for many years, was attached to the December 31, 1934 Report. He died December 15, 1939 at the age of 101 years.

The last Report from the Post indicates that on May 30, 1943 “George W. Wilt, 99 years old lives with Nephew , Under-sheriff Wade Willett at Ogden Center – Born in Va.”

The Post was disbanded in October 1943.

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