GAR Records
Col. Myron Baker Post #33
Morenci, Lenawee County, Michigan

Organized December 29, 1881

This Post was named to honor Colonel Myron Baker. He enlisted, as Captain, in Company E, 74th Indiana Infantry on August 8, 1862. He was promoted to Full Colonel on November 27, 1863, though not mustered in that rank. He was killed in action on August 5, 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Post was Mustered with 17 Charter Members.

The first Post Commander was D. C. Henion who enlisted in Company B, 2nd Michigan Infantry on April 25, 1861. He was discharged on July 13, 1864.

 The Post met at Gates Hall on Main Street. The meeting places, all on Main Street were noted variously as Gates Hall, G.A.R. Hall, Wakefield Hall and Woodman's Hall.

 A note on the Report of June 30, 1886 - "M. L. Davis, G. W. Irving, Milo Bovee and D. H. Warre ‘Took Hon. Discharge too [sic] organize a Post nearer home.'"

 Several Reports indicated gains in new members and men who transferred into the Post, but no names were reported.

 Note, regarding new members reported on June 30, 1898 - "Can't give Co. and Rank as Descriptive book went up in smoke."          

 The last Post Commander was Jacob Whitehead who served in Company K, 182nd Ohio Infantry from October 1, 1864 to July 1, 1865.

 The last Report was filed December 31, 1929 and the Post was disbanded in 1930.

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