GAR Records
Zach Chandler Post #35
South Haven, Van Buren County, Michigan

Organized December 1881

Zachariah Chandler, for whom this Post was named, was born December 10, 1813 on a farm in Bedfors Township, New Hampshire. He removed to Detroit in 1833, opened a general store and through investments gained a fortune, becoming one of the richest men in the state. He entered politics in 1851 when he was elected Mayor of Detroit. An ardent abolitionist he pursued those goals with vigor. After losing a bid for the governorship he was elected to the Senate and became a Republican power in that body.A leader of the "Radical Republicans he opposed Reconstruction Plans  as being too easy on the South. He served in the Senate from 1857 to 1875. While out of office he entered the Grant Administration and was appointed Secretary of the Interior. He was reelected to the Senate in 1879 but died a few months later on November 1, 1879.

The Post was Mustered with 17 Charter Members.

The first Post Commander was Herrick Hodges. He enlisted, as Corporal, in Company C, 70th New York Infatry on April 29, 1861. He was discharged as Orderly Sergeant on June 1, 1863.

The Post originally met at Lounsberry Hall on Broadway Street. Over the next few years they met at the G. A. R. Hall, Armory and Munro Hall, no street addresses given. In December 1891 they met at Peckham's Hall, on Water Street, listed as Phoenix Street in 1892. In 1895 they met in "Their Hall' on the corner of Broadway and Phoenix. Their meeting location is listed as frenche's Hall on Phenix Street in 1895, IOOF Hall on Center Street in 1903, G. A. R. Hall at Phenix and Broadway in 1906 and the G.A.R. Hall Public Library at Broadway and Phoenix in 1934.

A note is made in the Quartermasters Report of December 31, 1936 - "Cash invested in collaterals - $1,500.00 - No dividends for 4 years, probably worthless - turned over to City for perpetual care of G.A.R. lot, if they ever revive." The 1937 Report indicates - "Now meet occasionally with the WRC at Library building."

The last Post Commander was Nelson R. Wood who served in the U. S. Naviy on the ship Red Rover from July 20, 1863 to July 15, 1864.

The last Report was filed December 31, 1934 and shows eight active members.

The Post was disbanded in 1943.

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