GAR Records
East Jordan Post #66
Charlevoix, Charlevoix County, Michigan

Organized December 4, 1883

The Muster Report lists the name Begole. This was probably intended to honor William M. Begole of Flint. He enlisted as 1st Sergeant in Company K, 23rd Michigan Infantry on September 12, 1862, age 19. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant March 27, 1863. He transferred to Company A. He was wounded June 16, 1864 and promoted to 1st Lieutenant June 20, 1864. He died of wounds on October 15, 1864 in Chattanooga, TN.

The first Quarterly Report indicates the name Stevens with no explanation and is used on all subsequent Reports. There is no information on which Stevens is honored.

The Post was Mustered with 17 Charter Members.

The first Post Commander was James Sheasr who served in Company H, 8th Michigan Infantry from September 23, 1861 to July 30, 1865.

The Post met at Hulberts Hall, Jerome's Hall and Lovedays Hall, no street identified. In 1886 they met at Warns Hall on Main Street. Other Main Street locations included Isamans Hall in 1888 and N WArnes Hall in 1890 and again in 1901. They met on State Stree    at Welches Hall in 1898 and Town Hall in 1902. 

The Last Post Commander is William Harrington. There is no record to provide his service record, his membership was not reported on the Report forms filed.

The last Report was filed December 31, 1923 with 10 Members and a note - " By unanimous vote of members they have decided to respectfully return our Charter and disband as our members most of them is too old to attend any more and a number has gone to other parts - Post will never meet again. Signed Wm. Harrington" 

The last Post Commander was William Harrington.  We have been unable to determine which service record belongs to this William Harrington.

The Post was disbanded in 1924.

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