GAR Records
Wisner Post #70
Bad Axe, Huron County, Michigan

Organized August 11, 1882

There is no information regarding which Wisner this Post was named to honor.

The Post was Mustered with 21 Charter Members.

The first Post Commander was Addison Stoddard who served as Corporal in Company A, 118th New York Infantry from July 23, 1862 until July 1, 1865.

The Post met at Ratzck Hall, Krause Hall, Watkins Hall, Long's Hall, Crouses Hall, G. A. R. Hall and Liberty Hall, all located on Main Street.

The last Post Commander was Samuel T. Cantelon. His Membership was not reported in the usual form, but it appears that he served in Company F, 23rd Michigan Infantry from August 6, 1862 until July 28, 1865.

The final Report was filed June 30, 1903 with 13 Members.

The Post was disbanded in December 1903.

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