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Dept Michigan
Officers and Staff of the Department of Michigan
Commander - Paul Davis, PCC
Senior Vice Commander - Dale Aurand, PCC
Junior Vice Commander - Kevin Lindsey, PCC
Members of the Council - Charles Worley, PDC
  Tom Jenkins
  Bob Griggs, PCC
Secretary - George Boller
Treasurer - Bruce Gosling
Chief of Staff - Don Shaw, PDC
Counselor - James B. Pahl, PC-in-C
Chaplain - Charles Buckhahn
Patriotic Instructor - Gary Granger, PCC
Color Bearer - Edgar Dowd, PCC
Signals Officer - Matt Adair
Editor, "Michigan's Messenger" - Rick Danes, PCC
Historian - Matt Adair
Guide - Bruce Benedict
Guard - Chris Cox
Graves Registration Officer- Rick Danes, PCC
GAR Records Officer- Gary Gibson, PDC
Civil War Memorials Officer- Bruce Butgereit, PDC
Eagle Scout Coordinator - Jerry Olson
Camp-At-Large Coordinator - L. Dean Lamphere, Jr.
Aid de Camp - Keith Harrison, PC-in-C
Standing Committees
Graves Registration
Rick Danes, Chair
All Camp GRO’s

Civil War Memorials
Bruce Butgereit, PDC, Chair
Doug Armstrong, PCC
Richard Williams
Gary Copenhaver

Communication & Technology
Matt Adair, Chair
Hon. James Pahl PC-in-C
Lloyd Dean Lamphere Jr.
Phillip Cripe
Keith Harrison, PC-in-C

Kevin Lindsey, PCC, Chair
All Camp JVC’s

Dale Aurand, PCC, Chair
Hon. James B. Pahl, PC-in-C

GAR Records
Gary Gibson PDC, Chair
Matt Adair
Rick Greene, PDC
Chuck Harthey
Brian Shumway, PCC

Ceremonies & Rituals
Keith Harrison, PC-in-C, Chair
L.Dean Lamphere, (SVR)
Tom Jenkins
Dave Hilliker, PCC
Brian Shumway PCC

Headquarters Correspondence

Dept. of Michigan, SUVCW
P.O. Box 6517
Saginaw, Michigan 48608

General Correspondence / Camp reports

George Boller, Secretary
Department of Michigan SUVCW
Suite 7, 17199 N. Laurel Park Drive
Livonia, Michigan 48152

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