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Dept Michigan
Officers and Staff of the Department of Michigan
2017-18 Term
Commander - David S. Smith, PCC
Senior Vice Commander - Robert Griggs, PCC
Junior Vice Commander - Robert R. Payne, CC
Members of the Council - Charles Worley, PDC
  Kevin Lindsey, PCC
  Michael Maillard, PCC
Secretary - Dick Denney,CC
Treasurer - Bruce S.A. Gosling
Counselor - Nathan Smith, CC
Chaplain - Rev. Charles Buckhahn, PCC
Patriotic Instructor - Robert Boquette
Color Bearer - Edgar J. Dowd, PCC
Signals Officer - David F. Wallace, PDC
Editor, "Michigan's Messenger" - Richard E. Danes, PCC
Historian - Dale Aurand, PDC
Guide - Nathan Tingley
Guard - Theodore Mattis, CC
Graves Registration Officer- Richard E. Danes, PCC
GAR Records Officer- Gary L. Gibson, PDC
Civil War Memorials Officer- John H. McGill
Eagle Scout Coordinator - Nathan Tingley
Camp-At-Large Coordinator - George L. Boller
Military Affairs Officer- Nathan Smith, CC
Aide de Camp - Paul T. Davis, PDC
Standing Committees
Robert Griggs, DSVC, Chair
Dick Denney, CC
Nathan Smith, CC

David S. Smith, DC, Chair
Richard Denney, Dept. Sec.
Robert Griggs, DSVC
George L. Boller
William R. Morris, PCC

Robert R. Payne, DJVC, Chair
All Camp JVC’s

Graves Registration
Richard E. Danes, PCC, Chair
All Camp GRO’s

Civil War Memorials
John H. McGill, Chair
All Camp CWMO's

GAR Records
Gary L. Gibson PDC, Chair
Matt Adair
Tom Bruce
J. Douglas Park, PDC
Blaine Valentine

Communication & Technology
David F. Wallace, PDC, Chair
Dennis Fyke
Keith G. Harrison, PC-in-C
Robert R. Payne, DJVC
Patrick D. Wallace

To Be Appointed Prior to the Encampment

Ceremonies & Rituals
Keith G. Harrison, PC-in-C, Chair
Dale Aurand, PDC
David Hilliker, PCC

Robert R. Payne, DJVC, Chair
L. Dean Lamphere, Jr., PDC
Nathan Smith, CC

Special Committees
102nd USTC Memorial
John H. McGill, Chair
Geoff Blair (as "Friend of the Committee")
Keith G. Harrison, PC-in-C
Robert May, PCC
David F. Wallace, PDC

Operating Guidelines
David F. Wallace, PDC, Chair
Paul T. Davis, PDC
Donald W. Shaw, PDC

Military & Veterans Affairs
Nathan Smith, CC Chair
Edgar J. Dowd, PCC
Lloyd D. Lamphere, Sr., CC
Calvin Murphy
Paul A. Nelson, PCC
Robert R. Payne, DJVC
David Ramsey
Max Riekse, PCC

Headquarters Correspondence

David S. Smith, Department Commander
Department of Michigan SUVCW
PO Box 346
Acme, MI 49610-0346

General Correspondence / Camp Reports

Richard Denney, Department Secretary
Department of Michigan SUVCW
30090 Orla Engle Road
Colon, MI 49040

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