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Dept Michigan
March To The Sea Camp No. 135
Centreville, Michigan


SUVCW ArmsCorrespondence:


Dick Denney
30090 Oria Engle Rd.
Colon, MI 49040






Commander: Dick Denney
Senior Vice Commander: Charles Worley, PDC
Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Gosling

NEW! - "Although having 501(c) (4) Tax Exempt Status. “Donations to the Department of Michigan - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, its Camps, or Sons of Veterans Reserve Units operating within the Department of Michigan, Are Not Tax Deductible.”

March to the Sea Camp #135 was chartered January 27, 2007. In our short five years we have been involved in restoration of three G.A.R. Monuments in St. Joseph County. We meet monthly at the, March through November.

In addition to actively promoting the objectives of the Order locally, we have supported the Department with a Past Department Commander and the current Department Treasurer in our membership.


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